Mocha was my kitty for a decade before I turned her over to my mom for company. She's fourteen years old and still lively.
Little Watson looks so much like Mocha - and is just as ornery.
Mocha always loved a nice cuddle with me.
A little stray cat when I lived in Missouri. I named him Mika because he looks like Mocha.
Mocha and Mika looking out the window of the Missouri house. I think Mocha is the one on the right.
This is Mrs. Puff - she wandered onto the porch of the Missouri house every once in a while. Pretty sure she had a home, but she was a sweetheart.
Me with Teeny Houdini a couple of days before taking her home with me.
Poor Houdini took a tumble into the bathtub while exploring the perimeter. She's still obsessed with all things plumbing-related.
I don't know why Mocha always looks pissed off...
Houdini is really the one responsible for most of my writing, video editing, and website design.
Houdini stole my camera and took a selfie. She's hip.
My darling Watson after I adopted her and her sister (Houdini) at less than a year old.
Sweet little Houdini after I adopted her, at less than a year old.
The progression of the sister kitty bath.
I can't believe Watson was ever so little! She was still ornery as heck, though.
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