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Q: What video editing program do you use?
A: I use Final Cut Pro X


Q: Where can I send fan mail?
A: LeahMouse

PO Box 5943

Grand Forks, ND 58206


Q: Where is Kevin?
A: If you've seen ANY of my videos in the past three years, you shouldn't be asking this . . . But Kevin and I split up in January of 2013, but we've remained close friends and still talk every day. 


Q: Who’s that other guy in your videos now?
A: Well, there was Derek, who was in my videos for a while until January, 2015.

And I have been with my super amazing boyfriend, Mike, since June of 2015.


Q: Are you still making your candles?
A: YES! I opened a new Etsy shop and website, with all new products! You can find them here: and


Q: How many times have you dyed your hair?
A: About 60-70. Not including touch-ups.


Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: Canon Vixia HF G10, GoPro Hero 3, Canon SX610 HS, Canon SX530 HS, and Samsung Galaxy S6


Q: When did you realize you were Goth?
A: Around my Junior year in high school.


Q: What got you into Goth?
A: A bunch of people started asking me if I was Goth, and I honestly didn’t know what they were talking about. So I looked it up and went, “Huh…I guess I am.”


Q: Why don't you seem to be into Goth anymore?
A: I change my style a lot, so my wardrobe and look have changed with my age and tastes. And while I still feel the Goth connection in my mind, I feel I am so much more than that. I want to express myself in other areas that don't focus on purely that.


Q: Where did you get your spiked chokers?
A: VampireFreaks. You can get them here:


Q: How old are you?
A: I was born on June 13th, 1984. You do the math.


Q: How damaged is your hair from dying/bleaching it so much?
A: It's gotten to the point to where I have to use lots of conditioning products (I recommend coconut oil!) and can't bleach it as much as I used to. But it's still relatively healthy.


Q: Why don’t you ever wear your seatbelt in the car in your vlogs?
A: I growl at people who bug me about this. I DO wear the darn thing! I’m just really short, so I tuck the cross part under my arm so it doesn’t strangle me - so it ends up being not visible on camera.


Q: What do you think of *insert band name here*?
A: If I didn’t mention them in this video:
then I don’t have enough of an opinion on them to answer, or I’ve never heard/heard of them.


Q: Where is Mocha?
A: She's been living with my mom since late 2013.


Q: Why did you start making videos?
A: I’ve been making videos since I was old enough to borrow my dad’s camcorder and edit things together using blank VHS tapes and two VCRs. Since the digital age and the birth of video websites, it only makes sense for me to have found my niche with those things :)


Q: Can you help me spread the word about ... ?
A: I get a lot of requests for things like this, and if it is something that I also feel strongly about, then I will do it. Otherwise, I don't like pushing agendas on my viewers. I'm about positivity, not propaganda.

Q: Will you do a shout-out to me in a video?
A: So many people ask me to do this, and I can't possibly do it for everyone. Once in a while there will be a special reason to do so, but most of the time, I will have to say no. Sorry.


Q: Why do you block people who disagree with you?
A: I don't. I block people who can't seem to conduct themselves in a civil manner. I simply don't want negativity in my life, therefore the ass-hats get blocked.


Q: Why do you feel the need to label yourself?
A: This question is why I made this video:


Q: Can I add you on Facebook?
A: I have a Facebook fanpage - - and you can also "follow" my personal page to see other public posts


Q: Will you draw a picture for me?
A: Make me a monetary offer, and we’ll talk :)


Q: What is your natural hair color?
A: Last time I checked, it was something between light brown and dark blond. But my roots have been growing out silver/grey for a few years now. It runs in my family.

Q: What religion are you?
A: Christian.


Q: Why haven’t you responded to my message(s)?
A: I get a LOT of messages and I do read all of them, but I just simply don’t have the time to respond to all of them. But I appreciate every single one :)


Q: Will you design a tattoo for me?
A: No, sorry. I suck at designing tattoos, and I don’t want the added pressure of knowing I’m doing something that will be a permanent addition to someone’s body.

Q: Would you ever become vegan?
A: Two words: "HELL" and "NO". I like meat and cheese way too much, and I listen to what my body tells me to eat. I would not handle a vegan (or even vegetarian) diet well, at all.

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