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Stupid Teeth...

I hate my teeth. I have two crooked teeth in front (from not wearing my retainer after I had my braces off when I was a teenager), and unhealthy teeth run rampant in my family.


So, at some point in the last couple of days, my front tooth decided to chip off in the front, leaving what looks like a smudgy stain on it.

I don't appreciate this, because now I look like a doof when I smile and though my tooth is still intact, the "stain" is obvious.

Coupled with the crooked factor, my semi-decent smile is now dumb-looking and weird. This sucks, since my teeth show in my videos because I talk, and stuff.

I can't afford the dentist at the moment, so I guess I'll have to live with looking like I perpetually have a food particle stuck between my front teeth - adding to the jabs I get from bored internet trolls that I have "yellow" teeth.

The yellow teeth insult always makes me laugh, though, because I'm very aware of the fact that my teeth aren't pearly white.

Um, hello...I'm a smoker as well as a coffee and tea drinker. That shit stains your teeth. And although I'd like to pretend I have lots of money, health insurance, or live in Canada...I don't - and the dentist is an expense out of my reach at the moment.

So, while I acknowledge that my teeth are in bad shape and need some work, there's really nothing I can do about it.

So, if anyone notices this awful chip "stain" thing on my front tooth in my videos, I apologize in advance for how doofy it makes me look. And I hope that the content of my videos is enough to over-shadow the hideous deformity that I'm forcing everyone to bask in.

Take good care of your teeth, guys! And even if you already do, that doesn't mean they won't still go on strike and plot to make your life miserable, anyway.

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