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LeahMouse LOTION!!!

Tonight, I'm getting ready to launch my new line of lotions to sell in my candle shop! I'm so excited! ^_^ We're testing the labels right now, so hopefully they will fit on the bottles correctly and look as good as they do on the computer :)

I'm starting out with just a couple scented lotions - Gothic Dream and Nevermore. Then I will add more based on how well they sell and the interest in them. I plan to add Haunted Forest, Black Widow, CoffeeHouse, Ghost Ship, and Vampire Kiss. They are all scented just like the candles I make of the same names, and are the most unique body lotions ever!

I was testing the lotions as I was making them the other day, obviously to make sure of their safety and quality. Good LORD that lotion is amazing! I mean, really... I am obsessed with Bath & Body Works lotions, and I'm actually going to stop shopping there and just use the product I'm making. My skin stayed moisturized and soft for HOURS afterwards, and I could still smell the fragrance after a period of about eight hours. I'm actually really happy and impressed at how well they came out! ^_^

I'm really looking forward to making and selling the lotion now. I also plan to add lip balm, body spray, and bubble bath/shower gel. I can only do one at a time, though, since it costs money to order all the products I need to start each thing. So I'm hoping that the lotions sell well enough to fund the lip balm production next! :)

The lotions will be for sale in my Etsy shop, which can you go directly to on this website by clicking "Candle Shop" in the bar at the top. Yay!!! :D

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