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LeahMouse Lip Balm is coming!

I just ordered the supplies for my lip balms! I'm so nervous because it cost a LOT to order everything I needed to get started - especially since I'm doing vegan-friendly versions of each flavor. But I'm confident that they'll be awesome and yummy and hopefully will sell just as well as my other products :)

Derek and I came up with cool unique names for each flavor, just like we do with my candles and lotions :) I hope everyone likes them!

I'll be selling each tube for only $5, and the vegan-friendly jars (which actually have more lip balm capacity) for only $5.50.

I'm starting off with 8 flavors, though we've come up with twelve total. There's a nice mix of fruity, dessert-y, and drink flavors, so everyone will be able to find their own favorite LeahMouse Lip Balm to indulge in ^_^

I will be launching them in about a week, once I get the supplies, complete production, make the labels, and list them. I'm really hoping they will be well-loved, and I'm SO happy to finally be doing this! :)

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