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Introducing LeahMouse LIP BALM! :)

Tubes ALL.jpg
I have completed and listed my first five lip balm flavors! I made myself a couple of testers and I've been using them like crazy - I swear, I'll never buy Chapstick again, lol. These are seriously awesome :) Here's a breakdown of the flavors:

Coffee House - A blend of cappuccino and hazelnut coffee.

Doom & Gloom - A yummy combination of caramel and butterscotch. This is my personal favorite ;) And it's blue!

Ghost Toast - Flavored like French Toast!

Toil & Trouble - Tastes like fizzy orange soda!

Wicked Witch - A green balm that's flavored like green apple.

I also have vegan-friendly balms of the same flavors, which are loaded with Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, and they have SPF 15! They are in these jars:

Wicked Witch VEGAN.jpg

Visit my Etsy store at or click the "Candle Shop" link in the navigation bar above to buy yours now!

Both types of balm (vegan and non-vegan) are available individually, or in five-packs so you can try out all five for the price of four :)

I will also be adding balms based on my popular Nightmare Before Christmas candles - Deadly Nightshade, Frog's Breath, and Worm's Wort. These flavors will be (in the same order): Chai Tea, Pistachio Ice Cream, and Gingersnap Cookie.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting me and making this possible! I hope you all enjoy the lip balms ^_^

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