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SEVEN DEADLY SINS-inspired products!


I've just added NEW lotions and body sprays based on the Seven Deadly Sins! I'm also having a 15% OFF SALE to promote them, until the end of May! Use code: 7DEADLYSINS at the checkout to get 15% off anything you order! :)

This code will work on both my shop website at: as well as my Etsy store at:

The fragrances of each "Sin" are:

#1 - Pride: Clean Cotton

#2 - Lust: Strawberries & Cream

#3 - Gluttony: Chocolate Cake

#4 - Greed: Coconut

#5 - Sloth: Lavender

#6 - Wrath: Molten Lava

#7 - Envy: Rich Green


Snag the sin that suits you best, or gift one as a gift! :)

I had a lot of fun making these and I'm excited to share them with you guys now ^_^

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