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Holy Update, Batman!

I am lounging on my lovely red Victorian sofa couch in the living room of our Florida apartment, at nearly 4am because my thirst for creativity far outweighs my mortal need for sleep.

That... and watching YouTube videos at night is really fun.

Soooooo, I totally have been sucking at updating this website, wow. At first it was because I was stretched WAY too thin with multiple jobs, making candles, vlogging, making main videos, and trying to make time for my boyfriend - as well as take care of the house, cook, clean, and get a little extra time in for Netflix and Candy Crush.

Well, now the gods have seen fit to bless me with more free time - so if any of you guys even check this dinosaur of a website anymore, I will be making an effort to keep it updated.

There are times when I want to share my life with you guys that isn't in YouTube video form, or a photo on Instagram, or even a quick status update on Facebook.

Here is where I will do that. I can better organize my thoughts when I type, and have as much space as I want to do it - and it's my OWN space, which is important. Paying for my own domain is motivation enough just to, at the very least, update this blog from time to time. Plus I don't have to put on makeup or even get dressed to do it! Bonus!


-I just finished reading "The Night Gardener" by Jonathan Auxier. My golly goodness gosh, is it a fantastic read! I'm going to be making a Creepy Reads video review about it soon. I'm sad that I'm through reading it (*cries*), but I'll be ordering one of his other books to take its place, so that should be good.

-I've been learning to cook, so that Mike (my boyfriend) and I can eat healthier and save more money. So far, it's been amazing! I made a meal plan for the month of November and have been cooking our dinners from scratch every night this month so far (with the exception of a couple nights when I got busy and lazy, haha). So far, we've saved almost $300 in food, just by cooking at home! I can't believe we waited so long to try this! Haha.

-I'm designing my own recipe book. Since I've been baking for pretty much my entire life and am now learning cooking, as well, I decided to put together my own recipe book for a few reasons.

1. Ease of access, since I currently have hundreds of recipes floating around in different places.

2. Re-writing them in a way that makes sense to me. Standard recipe jargon and formulas frustrate me sometimes, so I'm writing them the way I would like to see them (which would also be easier for beginner bakers/cooks, too).

3. I like doing creative projects.

Maybe I will try to publish it - maybe I'll just keep it for myself...who knows. Either way, it's a fun project!

-I've been intensively re-writing/editing the novel I spent five years writing - and another five years letting collect dust. It's high time that thing saw the light of day and I AM going to make efforts to publish IT. I may have mentioned it once or twice to my viewers - but it's a sort of Gothic fantasy novel, but it can appeal to anyone. It's a fun little adventure, really. I'm really enjoying writing it again and I hope that if it reaches publication, others will enjoy it, also.

That's about it for right now. I hope you guys are looking forward to new videos (I have lots of new ideas, yay!!) and the more frequent updating of this website. Thank you for supporting me and stay awesome <3

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