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What Letter Makes the "th" Sound?

I know, I know... where the heck did I disappear to?

No vlogs, no main channel videos, no Instagram posts...

Well, chaps...I've been deeply buried in the world of writing - still. I'm pushing through to get this book finished. And I'm sorry, but I've reconsidered the whole idea of self-publishing. I figure, I've had this thing under my belt for thirteen years...what's the rush, now?

If I actually want to make a success of this, I want to try to do it right. If it's one thing I learned from doing YouTube and making my candles, it's to not cast my pearls before swine.

Not that I'm comparing my viewers to swine - far from it. I just mean that whenever I put my heart and soul into something and work really hard, I put it out there and get a dismal response to it compared to what I think it's worth. It's discouraging and sometimes leaves me wondering why I bothered.

So with this book series I'm writing, I want to have a proper go of it (<--- wow, is it obvious I've been watching British movies, lately, or what?).

I don't want to rush to get it out there just so that maybe five people can order it off of Amazon, and then it just sits there. I will wait another year or two if I have to, to actually try to make this successful. I feel like it's worth it.

So, my loyal fans, friends, and followers - I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait a bit longer to read my story. And by then, I'll have done several more installments. So cross your fingers for me and hope that someone picks me up, because I'm really going to give it my all on this! I've never been more serious about anything in my life.

I've done days of research about publishing, agents, self-publishing, query letters, marketing, etc., and if, for some reason, no one bites after a long time, I will resort to self-publishing. Either way, my work WILL be out there one day.

As for the lack of videos - sorry, not sorry. Writing is serious business and it's hard and time-consuming, if you're doing it right. YouTube is great and all, but writing this book has made me feel more worthwhile than making YouTube videos ever has - and I don't even have an audience for my book, yet. Not that I dislike doing YouTube videos - it's just not felt nearly as fulfilling as writing does, for me.

I'll get back to the videos soon, though, because I'm almost done with the book. ALMOST. I have about another chapter and a half to go - which doesn't sound like much, but believe me, it is. It takes me about ten hours just to write about a quarter of a chapter.

I do miss making videos, but this book is my priority. As a 32-year-old pizza-slinger, who went to three colleges but has no profession, I believe with all my heart that I've finally found my calling.

I used to write every single day when I was in school. They were stupid stories just for me, that didn't go anywhere - but at least I did it. I remember writing on my mom's typewriter when I was four, and when I ran into a word that had "th" in it, I had to come out and ask, "Mom? What letter of the alphabet makes the 'th' sound?" True story. I remember that specific incident.

The more time I've spent writing this book, the less challenging and the more natural it's felt. I believe in this with all my soul. This is going to happen for me - I know it. Maybe not for a while, but it will. Thanks for sticking around, guys. I'll be back on YouTube soon :)

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