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I used to dye my hair ALLLLLLL the time. But since moving to Florida, I slowed down a lot for several reasons:

1. It's too hot to wear my hair down, so what's the point?

2. It's too hot to go out very often, so what's the point?

3. It's too hot and the sun fades/dries out my hair faster - so what's the point?

Needless to say, I've been itching to bring some color back to my tresses. I had most of my hair bleached out from prepping it for coloring over the past several months, but never ended up doing much with it color-wise. So I decided to go all out this time.

I wanted a kind of brighter purple so it would stand out against the black layer I have underneath - which, honestly, most people don't even realize I have unless I wear my hair up.

I had some hair dye lying around from the old days, so I decided to combine "Purple Plum" and "Feisty Fuchsia" by 'N Rage to get the shade I wanted.

As much as I liked the simplicity of the bleached hair, and not having to worry about fading or upkeep, I was pretty happy to be putting some alternative color back into my overall appearance. I was also pretty ecstatic about finally being able to cover up that stubborn leftover pink at the bottoms from when I had red hair.

Awww, yeah, baby!

Then I piled that gunk on top of my head and secured that shit with a plastic clip. I let it sit for a little over an hour, just to make sure it took well.

I had to stylishly cover it with a plastic bag though, of course, to prevent it from drying out. Always a super sexy time...

YAY! PURPLE! It know it's been looking blue in photos and stuff, but that's just the nature of science and stuff. Depending on the light or camera, purple hair can look blue. It's an issue I've had to deal with every time I dye my hair purple - the on-going "Purple vs. Blue" debate. I'm used to it at this point.

But whatever the heck color it looks like to you, I LOVE it, and I'm SO happy to have brought some color back into my life! So happy, in fact, that I even decided to incorporate lipstick into my makeup. I've never been a lipstick girl, but I don't mind how I look with it sometimes. And I do like how it compliments the hair and makeup thing with this particular color. Yay for purple!

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