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If you watch my videos at ALL, you know that this is sort of old news (by about a week) - but I FINALLY FINISHED MY NOVEL!

I haven't blogged in a minute because I've been working on FINISHING MY NOVEL!

Sorry . . . I'm just so darn excited - to have FINALLY FINI - well . . . you get the idea.

Basically, I've been spending the past week just breathing and recuperating from the grueling (yet amazingly fun!) mental fatigue that comes with composing a crackerjack ending - or, at least, what I believe to be a crackerjack ending.

Does anyone even say "crackerjack" anymore? Just me? Okay, then.

In my time of rest, I've been de-stressing by watching episodes of "Father Brown" on Netflix, having a jolly picnic safari at Dinosaur World with Mike, reading "Sophie Quire", and kicking ass at some crossword puzzles.

Mike has read my book and he said it was wonderfully-written and he loved it. While I trust his judgment, as he is an avid and picky reader, his bias is to be considered.

I have also sent my manuscript to my mother, who was an English teacher, is an avid reader, and has also written her own stories. Even though she is my mother, I know she will be the epitome of honest with me. I am eagerly awaiting her critique.

I will also be sending my manuscript to a friend/fellow-writer, once I am finished reading his draft that he sent to me. I find it particularly amusing that we were high school friends, and both ended up being crackerjack (there's that word again!) writers during the same time. He recently had a short story published, that I featured in a review video ("Through the Open Door" by Robert Edward Lyons, II).

I have submitted my query letter for agent consideration, so I am being patient waiting to hear back, as I know it can take a while. In the meantime, I am beginning to outline the second installment of my book - which will grow into a full series (published, or not). I have the plot points mapped out for the second book and will begin the outline shortly.

So, cross your fingers, say a prayer, light a lucky candle - or whatever it is that you might do to send good fortune my way - that my book gets picked up. I would absolutely love to share my world with everyone.


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